Brett and Mike! By Chris Charabaruk (aka The Evil Beaver)

Comic for Friday , March 9 , 2001

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[11/23/2001 12:15:08 AM]
Alright, all I need for my new comic is an artist. Hopefully one who can also help with the story part of things too, but mostly art. Anyone who wants to do art, e-mail me about it.

[10/14/2001 09:28:06 PM]
Ugh... Not good news. If you're insane, and still hoping for Brett and Mike to start, you're wasting your energy. It's dead. Sorry.
But that might not be that much of a problem. With my angsty goth mind, I'm coming up with a cool cyberpunk comic (think comic books though) and cyberpunk games. Just follow this link and you shall be brought to my personal site. Browse it, and if I keep forgetting to put up new info, poke me at my e-mail address.
Thanks to whoever is reading this.

[6/7/2001 07:47:53 PM]
I'm not going to have any Brett and Mike strips up any time soon, sorry. I'm retooling the whole concept, and changing my drawing style on paper (or at least trying to). So it'll be a while yet. Sorry. But BaM is not dead, I just need to think about it some more.

[4/10/2001 10:14:04 AM]
As before (until I can put it permanently with the other dropdown):

If you ask me, the Keenadian Invaders dropdown should be combined with the Webcomics from Canada list. If I could help out with it I would, but I'm still trapped on this Godawful library computer!

[4/3/2001 03:54:14 PM]
Until I can put up a permanent link to it...
Webcomics From Canada!

This should have one of them nifty JavaScript dropdowns with it, if you ask me. It would be cool to have a dropdown with Framed!, Avalon, and Brett and Mike in it.
Oh, and check out The Four Toontellers, these guys are hilarious. How can they not be, Damonk is one of them... =)

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